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Intelligent positioning dispensing machine

We all know that the visual point adhesive machine refers to the CCD visual point adhesive system and the pointlated equipment for industrial cameras. The camera pixels of the device are generally between 10 million and 20 million, depending on customer needs. Now more and more enterprise users choose to use the device because of the efficiency and accuracy of the visual dots. Why does the visual point adhesive machine efficiency higher than other ordinary tapers? Let's take a look together.

Friends who have used the visual point adhesive machine know that the CCD visual positioning system of the device with high -precision industrial cameras can make us do not need to strictly arrange products. And complete the point of replenishment.

In fact, this function helps us effectively improve the efficiency of pointing. After all, it takes time and energy if the product is needed one by one. Can't keep up with the work efficiency of the point replenish machine. In this case, the equipment must be equipped with our dwellings and then continue to work, which will definitely affect the efficiency.

In addition, there is one more, because the visual positioning function of the visual point adhesive machine also effectively improves the accuracy of our product's point replenishment, and the positioning position is not easy to make errors, so the corresponding rate rate is greatly reduced. I like to choose the reason for using the visual tape. At present, companies with low accuracy of point glue or enterprises with low efficiency requirements will use products such as ordinary economy desktop dot machines. The advantages of the two compared to the visual point adhesive machine are still obvious.

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