Collection: Automatic dispensing machine

Automatic dispensing machine is a kind of professional equipment instead of manual dispensing, which has a wide influence in the industry. In industrial production, dispensing glue is used in many places, examples include integrated circuits, semiconductor package, printed circuit boards, color LCD screens, electronic components (such as relays, speakers) , electronic components, automotive components, etc. . Traditional dispensing is accomplished by hand. Dispensing process in industrial production more and more stringent requirements. With the rapid development of automation, manual dispensing has been far from meeting the needs of industry and gradually replaced by automatic dispensing machine. Automatic dispenser is widely used in industrial production, such as integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, electronic components, automotive parts, handbags, packaging boxes and so on. The application of automatic dispensing machine improves production efficiency and product quality to a great extent, and can realize some processes that can not be completed by manual dispensing. Automatic dispensing machine in the degree of automation, can achieve three-axis linkage, intelligent work.