Automatic gluing machine

Lithium battery box automatic gluing machine

Lithium battery box automatic gluing machine
·Two component precision coating system
·Adopting screw pressure plate pump for glue supply system, servo screw glue pump, suitable for materials with medium to high viscosity
·Single servo metering system EFR, precise gluing, versatile, easy to operate, and easy to maintain
·High precision drive motor, direct control of pump, no need for excessive maintenance
·Modular design of distribution valve MD2 reduces maintenance time and cost, and can handle a wide range of materials
·High wear-resistant metering Z-pump, mechanically connected, accurate ratio, continuous dispensing
·Advanced display module ADM, easy to operate, high integration
·Equipped with a flow meter, real-time monitoring of dispensing volume and dispensing ratio
·Information management system, capable of transmitting and saving process data, compatible with MES system
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