Online spray valve dispensing machine

Online spray valve dispensing machine

Online spray valve dispensing machine

Non contact spray dispensing improves dispensing consistency, reduces material waste, enhances production capacity and yield

The gantry platform frame is equipped with imported servo motors and imported grinding screws, with a repeatability accuracy of 0.02mm

Equipped with CCD visual positioning system and automatic visual sampling system

Can be equipped with any valve, pneumatic injection valve, piezoelectric valve, screw valve, firing needle valve, etc

A mature and stable high-speed sports platform

The automatic up and down board tracks can be easily integrated and can be expanded to two tracks.

The overall steel frame structure provides stable performance.

Specification parameters:

Glue dispensing process


Maximum speed


Maximum acceleration


positioning accuracy


Repetitive accuracy





AC220V 10A 50HZ

External dimensions


Maximum transmission speed


Maximum transmission load


Configuration Description


configuration option

Function Description

Configuration Description

hardware configuration

Gantry structure

XYZ servo ball screw, XY optional dual drive linear motor



Width electrically adjustable, optional with dual tracks


vision system

CCD visual positioning, three color coaxial light source


Cleaning system

Vacuum cleaning


Corrective system

Intelligent detection of nozzle height, automatic correction of nozzle XY offset


Pneumatic injection valve

Equipped with 30CC feeding device, control system, and optional nozzle heating device


alarm system

Three color sound and light alarm system


Liquid level detection

Optional liquid level detection and alarm system

weighing system

Optional weighing system with intelligent statistical analysis software function

Loading and unloading device

Optional automatic loading and unloading device

Heating device

Optional preheating, dispensing area, and flow to heating device

Height measuring device

Optional laser altimetry device

Dual valve control

Optional dual valve, valve body rotates and tilts, with built-in dual valve control function

Feeding device

Optional large capacity rubber bucket 200CC, 330CC feeding device

software system

Windows intelligent software

Control software independently developed by Maishute


Programming system

Multiple programming modes integrated, convenient and easy to learn.


Intelligent calibration system

XYZ benchmark correction, tilt rotation correction


Intelligent temperature control system

Three stage integrated temperature management


Barcode QR code recognition system

Software embedded barcode and QR code scanning interface, and unified management of data

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