Screw dispensing valve

Application of screw dispensing valve

Application of screw dispensing valve
Screw valve is a multi-purpose valve mainly used for controlling liquids, gases, and viscous materials. It consists of two spiral shaped metal plates that are far away from each other, controlling the flow of the medium during the process of compression and expansion.Screw dispensing valve
In general, screw valves are composed of a split mixer and fluid processing equipment. Screw valves are mainly used for the transportation of liquids and gases, as well as for the control of viscous fluids. It plays an important role in the production of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, construction, and other industries.
The main advantage of a screw valve is that it does not oscillate or make loud noise, and can better control the flow of viscous substances. It can also work under high pressure and can handle high temperatures and long periods of operation. The installation and disassembly of screw valves are very easy, and maintenance is relatively simple.Screw dispensing valve
There are different types of screw valves, depending on their scope of application and usage location. Under normal circumstances, when the fluid flows between two spiral metal plates of a screw valve, it is sandwiched between the two spiral plates, squeezed, and forms a continuous flow behavior. Screw valves can also adjust flow and pressure to ensure efficient production.
In short, the application of screw valves is becoming increasingly widespread, not only in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries, but also in fields such as construction, environmental protection, and water treatment. It is a valve that is both convenient to use and widely applicable.
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