SMT red glue,Red gum,SMT patch red glue

SMT red glue

SMT adhesive, also known as SMT adhesive or SMT red adhesive, is an adhesive that evenly distributes hardeners, pigments, solvents, etc. in a red paste. It is mainly used to fix components on printed boards and is generally distributed by dispensing or steel screen printing. After attaching the components, place them in an oven or reflow welding machine for heating and hardening. It is different from the so-called solder paste. Once heated and hardened, it will not dissolve even when reheated, which means that the thermal hardening process of the patch adhesive is irreversible. The application effect of SMT patch adhesive may vary depending on the thermal curing conditions, connected materials, equipment used, and operating environment. When using, the adhesive should be selected according to the production process.

SMT patch red glue

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