Screw dispensing valve

Universal bipolar plate automatic gluing machine equipment

Universal bipolar plate automatic gluing machine equipment
Implement precision dispensing on a single work platform.
CCD vision system, capable of positioning, size measurement, QR code scanning, and assisted programming.
The non-contact height measurement system can achieve adaptive dispensing trajectory optimization for product deformation.
Pneumatic adsorption platform, capable of product positioning, compatible with graphite plates, composite plates, and metal plates.
The intelligent glue supply system can achieve glue shortage alarm, low pressure alarm, and temperature abnormal alarm.
The precision dispensing system can achieve a minimum glue application volume of 0.01ml.
Intelligent fluid control system, supporting automatic import of CAD drawings and 3D interpolation.
The information management system can achieve the transmission and automatic storage of process data such as motion, glue supply, dispensing, etc. It is compatible with MES systems and supports one click backup.
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