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What is the advantage of panoramic visual adhesive machine

What is the advantage of panoramic visual adhesive machine
The biggest difference between the visual doting machine and the ordinary doting machine equipment is the visual point adhesive system. The visual system can intelligently identify the product, automatically calculates the point of the point, and achieves the effect of precision and accuracy. It is very suitable for precision product point glue.
panoramic Vision Dispenser
The machine visual point adhesive machine is to comprehensively use fluidology, process control, machine vision technology, and computer graphics to improve the automation and intelligence level of the point restructuring machine.
High -speed visual point adhesive machine adapt to various product points, support dual valve synchronous vertical glue, double valve synchronous rotation needle, and double valve asynchronous. At the same time, it supports two different valves and different processes. Configuration.
Three applications of machine visual point adhesive machine
Automatic recognition point glue application
Visual -based point -to -point opportunities automatically identify the product, and use the corresponding memory model in the system to use the three -axis positioning system to program the position that needs to be used. Work
Artificial intelligence detection application
The visual point adhesive machine can make a visual judgment on the different places of the product, so the degree of automation of each product in the production process is greatly improved, which is conducive to relieving the operator's operating pressure. When the visual doting machine detection is automatically identified to the material model that is not consistent with the original settings, the alarm program set by the system will indicate the operator to achieve timely screening of bad products to ensure the quality of the product.
Color painting application
panoramic Vision Dispenser
Generally, the coloring paint on the visual point adhesive machine is similar to that of point replenishment. It is mainly to change the valve of the visual dot -glue machine to dripping oil, and considering that the shape of the product is different and the color type is more. Time need to try the paint in advance. After that, the visual system of the visual dot machine successfully realized the recognition of the new product of the product, and carried out high -speed dot paint coloring operations.
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