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2600ml Glue meter distribution system

2600ml Glue meter distribution system

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It is suitable for silica gel, epoxy grease, heat conduction gel, UV and other low, medium and high viscosity or abrasive liquids to be directly packed in 2600ML drums. The pressure plate sealing method is used to facilitate the use and replacement of glue, and the pneumatic piston pressurization method is used to speed up the delivery efficiency of glue and improve production capacity.

Suitable for a wide range of adhesive viscosity, effectively improving the efficiency of dispensing high viscosity adhesive.

Easy to operate, directly adjust the working speed of the motor to change the amount of glue produced.

Installation is simple and pressure holding conveying does not require signal transmission.

So all accessories are from well-known domestic and foreign brands to ensure the quality and stability of the equipment.

The pneumatic piston method increases the pressure of glue delivery and can be used for all dispensing processes such as adhesive fixation, bottom filling, flat sealing, or dual liquid dispensing.

The pneumatic pressure ratio is 10:1 to avoid the slow delivery of glue caused by high viscosity, which can affect the dispensing efficiency.

The device converts the pressure into a boost ratio to change the amount of adhesive. The larger the pressure, the greater the amount of adhesive (minimum 0.005ml, maximum 5ml/sec can be customized).

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