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300ML Hot Melt adhesive high speed spray dispensing valve

300ML Hot Melt adhesive high speed spray dispensing valve

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Introduction to Hot-melt adhesive injection valve:

300CC large capacity Hot-melt adhesive injection valve is a kind of compressed air driven valve
Perform rapid reciprocating motion up and down to achieve high-speed injection of glue, designed specifically for high-speed and precise dispensing, and can be applied on the surface of the workpiece
To achieve precise application of small adhesive points (accurate to micro liters), its characteristics can be free from warping, deformation, unevenness, or
The surface of fragile products achieves non-contact precision glue spraying, suitable for: tablet frame glue spraying, seamless underwear glue spraying,
Hot-melt adhesive products bonding and other occasions.
Product features:
High speed: High speed dispensing frequency, up to 250Hz per second.
Large capacity: 300CC large capacity, reducing glue changing time and improving product production capacity.
High efficiency: Adopting non-contact dispensing to eliminate Z-axis movement and effectively improve production efficiency
Long service life: replaceable superhard alloy nozzles and Tappets, with a longer service life.
Micro amount: minimum adhesive amount 0.5nl, minimum line width 0.3mm, minimum point diameter 0.3mm.
Consistency: Set up two constant temperature heating modules, and the consistency of the high-speed injection valve dispensing can reach ± 3%.
Easy maintenance: Integrated flow channel design, minimalist spare parts, fast disassembly and short maintenance time.
Low cost: Patented design structure, requiring only a small amount of consumables for maintenance, saving maintenance costs during the production process.
Stability: The spraying force is strong, which can effectively prevent the phenomenon of nozzle sticking and scattering.
 Specification of Hot-melt adhesive injection valve:
Dispensing method: non-contact dispensing mode
Applicable to liquid type: Hot-melt adhesive PUR, PUH and other high-temperature melting colloids
Applicable liquid viscosity: 0-200000 cps
Working frequency: Max: 250 Hz
Applicable nozzle type: integrated nozzle: 0.05-0.3mm
Glue supply pressure: Glue pressure: 0.01-0.2Mpa
Valve body mass: 1000g
External dimensions: L151mm * W119mm * H295mm
 Controller specifications:
Control method: electronic analog circuit
Glue dispensing time control: digital circuit/parameterization
Power supply/power: AC220V/50Hz * 80W
Controller mass: 4kg
External dimensions: L213mm * W165mm * H103mm
Pneumatic injection valve
Nozzle heating module
Glue heating module
Valve body connecting cable
Maintenance tools                                            
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