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963B semi-automatic soldering machine

963B semi-automatic soldering machine

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Product model


Operating voltage


Power consumption


Control mode

Knob adjustment

Temperature control range


Main engine size


Main engine weight

1.8 kg

Heating core

C1321 Ceramic plug type

Standard nozzle


Ground nozzle

The < 22

Electric potential of soldering iron to ground


Handle wire material

PVC wire

Handle wire length

1.1 m

Handle weight

0.08 Kg

Temperature regulation
Temperature setting: Turn the temperature adjustment knob to the desired temperature scale after turning on the machine
Temperature indication: When the heating indicator light on the welding table indicates that the soldering iron is in the heating state, when the heating indicator light is off, it indicates that the soldering iron has reached the set temperature and can be welded. When the heating light blinks, the soldering iron is continuously heated to the set temperature to maintain a constant temperature.
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