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Gantry three-axis motion platform

Gantry three-axis motion platform

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  1. Main configuration:

(1) The fuselage and exterior sheet metal are bright white/orange CH-105A, and the upper cover is made of aluminum.
(2) Acrylic is transparent white.
(3) The frame is made of square pass welding paint, and the mesa plate is A6061-T6 aluminum plate.
(4) The bottom with supporting feet and Fuma wheel.
(5) Sheet metal thickness is greater than 1.2mm, increase the thickness and increase the reinforcement if necessary.
(6) Overall cube type, beautiful appearance.
(7) Screen printing equipment manufacturer's LOGO in the upper left corner of the body
(8) Install cooling fans inside the body and cabinet doors, and install fan dust cover
  1. Key components

(1) Standard Parts (MISUMI)
(2) Linear guide rail (silver)
(3) Drive screw (TBI)
(4) Synchronous belt and synchronous pulley (MISUMI)
(5) Chain, sprocket, bearing (NSK, MISUMI)
(6) Motor (Shino, Panasonic, Resai)
(7) Photoelectric switch (Omron)
(8) CAM divider (Taiwan KOSI Star)
(9) Cylinder (Airtek)
(10) PLC (Mitsubishi, Panasonic)
  1. Equipment parameters

(1) The moving part has safety warning signs and physical protection, and the operating position and moving part have safety grating
(2) Equipment electrical safety protection, including leakage, overload, overvoltage, etc. High pressure areas are marked with physical protection and warning signs
(3) More than 75 decibels must be necessary soundproofing measures, control to 75 decibels
(4) Equipment power supply AC110V 10%, 50HZ~60HZ;
(5) With independent and reliable grounding system, grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms
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