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Piezoelectric hot melt adhesive dispensing system

Piezoelectric hot melt adhesive dispensing system

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Product and component miniaturization pose unique challenges for the fluid dispensing process. Dispensing applications must deliver precise, consistent results within very small form factors. And to advance UPH goals, applications need to be fast. The  Series provides all that and more with industry-leading precision, speed, and accuracy, making it a popular choice for advanced semiconductor packaging applications.

  • Jet into die-to-die gaps <200 μm.
  • Avoid keep-out zones <250 μm.
  • Dispense 49,000 DPH with a single IntelliJet valve.
  • Dispense 90,000 DPH with two IntelliJet valves, an 84% increase in DPH over single-valve dispensing alone.
  • Fast, repeatable setup with automated calibration.
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