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2600MLFeed pressure plate pump

2600MLFeed pressure plate pump

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XH260015M screw pressure plate pump is suitable for the 2600ML barrel packing of low, medium and high viscosity liquid such as silica gel, epoxy grease, heat conduction gel UV or abrasive liquid. The pressure plate sealing method is used to facilitate the use and replacement of glue. The stator rotor is driven by a servo motor to ensure the realization of precision metering, and solve the problems of glue breaking, unstable glue amount, uneven lines, etc. caused by the pulse and unstable air pressure of traditional pneumatic piston pump.

·Suitable for a wide range of adhesive viscosity, effectively improving the efficiency of dispensing high viscosity adhesive.

·Easy to operate, directly adjust the working speed of the motor to change the amount of glue produced.

·Installing a simple connection signal IO can be used for operation.

·The servo screw method is precise in repeated measurement, stable in continuous dispensing, and has no pulse fluctuations. It can be used for all dispensing processes such as adhesive fixation, bottom filling, flat sealing, or dual liquid dispensing.

·The servo screw is driven by electronic control for conveying, avoiding the slow delivery of glue caused by high viscosity, which can affect the dispensing efficiency.

·Solve the pressure instability of the pneumatic glue delivery method, as well as the pressure instability caused by resistance changes in the glue barrel, which affects the repeated accuracy of dispensing.

·Solve the pulse instability phenomenon caused by gas pressure, cylinder, and piston feeding and conveying. The device is equipped with a dedicated servo drive controller and comes with a touch screen. The adhesive amount can be adjusted through the working speed function item. The larger the value, the greater the adhesive amount (minimum 0.005ml, maximum 5m//sec). Customizable sizes are available

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