5600 High Flow Precision Screw Valve

5600 High Flow Precision Screw Valve

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Introduction to screw valves

5600 high flow precision screw valve, driven by a 100W servo motor, can provide high torque and efficient transmission ratio. This product uses precision grade non-metallic screw ceramic PTFE screw components, which can effectively ensure dispensing accuracy. At the same time, maintenance is very simple, and the disassembly and assembly of screw components can be quickly completed. The product is widely used in the STM industry, optoelectronics industry, 3C digital product industry, connector industry, optoelectronics industry, and other industries. Applicable fluids include anaerobic adhesive fluids.

Product features:

High speed: driven by a 100W servo motor, with a maximum speed of 400 revolutions per minute.

Quick debugging: Adopting the latest module design to simplify ceramic screw components.

● High efficiency: Adopting an efficient screw conveying mode to effectively improve production efficiency

● Long lifespan: The screw components made of replaceable superhard alloy materials have a longer service life.

● High flow rate: Adopting large pitch feeding, with multiple pitch options, efficient fluid conveying.

● Easy maintenance: Modular PK material spiral components can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

Low cost: The patented design structure only requires a small amount of consumables for maintenance, saving maintenance costs during the production process.

Stability: Adopting spiral conveying fluid method for long-term stable dispensing.

Specification of high flow screw valve:

Glue dispensing method: contact dispensing mode

Applicable to liquid types: anaerobic adhesive, fluids with additives, etc

Applicable liquid viscosity: 10000-200000 cps

Working frequency: Max: 400 rpm

Applicable needle types: plastic needle, TT oblique needle, high-precision needle

Glue supply pressure: Glue pressure: 0.01-1Mpa

Valve body mass: 1000g

External dimensions: L60mm * W40mm * H230mm

Controller specifications:

Control method: PLC controller

Glue dispensing time control: digital circuit/parameterization

Power supply/power: AC220V/50Hz * 120W

Controller mass: 2kg

External dimensions: L280mm * W240mm * H120

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